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Lip Augmentation - Nonsurgical Enhancement With Injectable Fillers - Dallas, TX

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About Lip Augmentation

It is no secret that full lips can completely boost one’s facial appearance and beauty. Unfortunately, such plump lips do not often come naturally, and that has left many women resorting to cosmetic treatments, specifically lip augmentation. Lip enhancement is achieved with the use of filler injections to increase the lips’ shape, volume, and symmetry in an effort to create a softer appearance. These lip injections utilize a thin needle and typically require no general anesthesia or pre-treatment. However, those patients who may be apprehensive regarding needles can receive numbing cream prior to their treatment. At The Bloom Medical Spa in Dallas, TX, lip augmentation is expertly performed by our Certified Nurse Injectors.

Ideal Candidates

Patients may be an ideal candidate for a lip augmentation at The Bloom Medical Spa if:

  • They have always felt like their lips are on the thin side and they seem to get lost when they smile.
  • Their lips have thinned out over time or become less full with age.
  • They have found themselves feeling self-conscious regarding the appearance of their lips.
  • They feel that fuller lips would balance out their face more.

What To Expect

Although lip augmentation is a relatively simple treatment; typically pre-treatment is suggested with use of a numbing cream. Then, at the beginning of the procedure, patients will be given a small ice pack to apply to their lips in order to cool them down. The coolness of the ice pack helps to numb the nerves, which helps in pain reduction and keeping patients as comfortable as possible. The cold also causes blood vessels to constrict, which helps tremendously in reducing the swelling and bruising that can result from lip injections. During the procedure, small amounts of lip filler (Juvéderm® or Restylane®) are injected directly into the lips using a tiny needle. The filler that is used depends on the existing shape and size of the lips and the desired end result. The injection itself only takes 5 – 10 minutes to perform.

Anticipated Results

Post-treatment, it is recommended that patients stay and relax at our facility as they apply an ice pack to the lips for another 10 minutes in order to further minimize any swelling or bruising. However, slight swelling is to be expected and usually resolves itself sometime during the first 48 hours following treatment. Most patients are able to return to work immediately after receiving treatment. However, patients will be provided with full written instructions on all aftercare.

The improvement seen from receiving a lip filler treatment lasts for approximately 6 – 9  months, with the exact length of time depending on individual traits and the type and amount of filler that was used. Because hyaluronic acid is completely absorbed and broken down by the body over a period of a few months, further treatments are recommended every 6 months in order to maintain results.

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If you are tired of feeling self-conscious about your thin or aging lips, call our MedSpa today to learn more about how lip augmentation can transform your look. Our friendly and highly-experienced staff will take their time in listening to all your cosmetic concerns to help you determine which filler will yield the best results. 

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